2024 Edition



Where to see the runners ?


The 1st obvious spot to go see the runners is at St Honoré 1500, at the 1st drinks station. Accessible by car by road ( D115c).

A little further from here the runners will get onto the Devil's Trail (Sentier du Diable). Given the small width of this trail, we decommand you to position yourself in this area, not in the least because of risk of stone fall in the upper (rocky) area of this path.

It is possible to climb the Pérollier (1st summit), or stay at the Col de l'Oullière. Both accessible by foot from the St Honoré 1500 car park (500 m D + to the Col): follow the yellow signs. It is possible to drive up an off-road vehicle (4 wheel drive) to Charlet Lake via the forest trail.

There's about 100m D+ to the Col.

The area of Oreilles du Loup being quite exposed we do not recommend it. On the other hand, it is possible to catch up with the runners at the little pass just before the Tabor, and to follow the trail all the way up to the Piquet de Nantes.

To access the sector Poyet / Bruyères, it is best to go via the Col Malissol, on the road from  La Mure -> La Morte (D114).



Of course, being welcomed at the finish and being present at the price ceremony will be greatly appreciated by all runners. …..with the volunteers at the bar happy to serve you!